Sunday, April 14, 2013

An Istanbul Interlude...

We're here for a few days till we leave for Iran early Tuesday morning. I was last here FORTY-FIVE years ago and this is Dave's first visit.

We spent the morning sightseeing, walking at least 6 miles, enjoying perfect walking weather, crisp, cool.

This week is the annual Tulip Festival and there were zillions of tulips, all in full bloom. The other thing there were zillions of, were cats...

No shopping for me, today...although we did see a bride...

The carpet in the Blue Mosque was gorgeous...echoing the tulips blooming outside...

Our handsome guide Zaki was a marvel of service, and was a good photographer, too...

Dave and Zaki...

In "payment" for his wonderful guide services, we allowed Zaki to lead us to his family's carpet shop; we enjoyed the usual ritual/sales pitch, accompanied by apple tea, and though we were tempted by a small silk carpet, we decided against it, as we head Tuesday to the land of Persian carpets. Anyway, I would prefer to bring this mirror from our hotel room home, as it makes me look 6 feet tall and skinny!

After our LONG walk, we had an hour's nap, then out for a coffee accompanied by baklava (yummmm)...

and MORE walking (to reverse the baklava)...then out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant

A wonderful bottle of wine...

a fabulous meze (appetizer) plate

a superb seafood salad (half eaten before we remembered to take a picture)

and a "Harem's Delight", with lamb, rice and a marvelous pomegranate sauce

followed by thick, delicious Turkish coffee and the ever-present Turkish delight.

Lovely food, gracious service and a charming atmosphere...can you tell we're foodies?

N.B. Dave and I almost ALWAYS split our plates, so the calorical damage is not as bad as it looks!

biz tekrar karşılaşıncaya kadar (till we meet again, in Turkish)


Location:Peykhane Sokak,Binbirdirek,Turkey


  1. Now that is the way to holiday. Thanks for sharing. Now I must go off to work :(

  2. Ooh! I recognize Hagia Sophia! I was there in December of '91. What great pictures! I love that "pants" pot. And, wow, that bride is so covered up! Complete with parasol. That mirror... lol.

    You are looking tres chic and living large! Thanks for the report!

  3. Now I can see why you've chosen this trip. Great photos. I hope you continue to have a wonderful trip.

  4. Love the photos, especially the bride, she looks lovely. Your clothes look wonderful and perfect for the trip. The dinner looked yummy. I'll be in Istanbul in June, do you mind sharing the name of the Restaurant? I'll be following your trip closely, looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wonderful pictures! That stained glass looks beautiful - and the pretty!

  6. Enjoying vicariously from Hawaii...

  7. Just returned home from Turkey Sunday, April many of these sights we just returned from. I think we may have eaten at the same restaurant! Loved the food there, and I agree, the tulips were astonishing. We had an incredible 3 weeks in Turkey, traveled over 2000 kms while there and would definitely return to this fascinating country. Enjoy your look fantastic!

  8. Taking me back 3 years-love Istanbul! Shocked DD by telling her I could live there! :-) (She hasn't travelled much..yet.) Enjoy every moment of that wonderful city.If you get time, travel to the Prince's Islands on the public ferry-magic!!

  9. My goodness - so MUCH BEAUTY! (I want that mirror LOL.) Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Picture Perfect Post :) Thanks for the lovely journey with you - what a delightfully jam-packed trip, and it's only just begun!

  11. Loved your pictures!
    Thanks so much for sharing them!!