Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More from Iran...

Persepolis!  Compared in archeological significance to Valley of the Kings, Angkor Wat, the Roman Coliseum. The earliest remains are from 515 BC. Site supposedly chosen by Cyrus the Great, built by Darius I.

Magnificent site, takes your breath away...

Iran is a country of geographic extremes...two large deserts, rolling hills, and dramatic,snowcapped,
jagged mountains...

wherever we looked, often out the window of our van (we traveled more than 2500 miles), we would see sheep

 water buffalo...
and dogs...
 some of whom joined our picnics...

and because I have a weird sense of humor, I documented some of the strange-looking male mannequins in the markets...
 The one on the left below is particularly strange....:)

Stay tuned for a look at those fabulous Persian carpets and other goodies...


  1. I am totally jealous-isn't that small of me? :-) The ruins look so familiar and make me want to study some ancient history.

  2. Oh, those male mannequins are SO cool and so varied!!

  3. Oh, that is hilarious! I like the Andy Warhol one. thank you so much for sharing this, its a rare glimpse.

  4. Great photos, thanks for sharing :)

  5. So casually you can walk through greatness. Wow. I miss architectural history here. I love the variety of mannequins. I'm glad you snapped these shots!

  6. Wow! Such wonderful things to see! Those ruins were amazing - how very interesting to see them 'face to face'. LOL at the mannequins...those are definitely odd!

  7. Beautiful and so interesting!

  8. Honestly, I had no idea of the varied riches you were embarking on. Thank you SO much for sharing!

  9. Margy, what a wonderful place to visit! I had no idea. I'm so glad you can share this with us.