Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adventures in Addis Ababa

Back from our first day in Addis, we went to two museums this morning and two churches this afternoon. In between, we had a local beer!

That's a jet-laggy look on my face...not a reaction to the beer...there are still Christmas decorations up everywhere; Ethiopia runs on a different calendar than we do and their Christmas was the 8th of January.

AA is a huge sprawly city of 3+ million, in the middle of a big building spurt; every
3rd site is under construction, bankrolled mainly by the Chinese and the Arabs.

The people are gorgeous, both men and women...very refined features reflecting their Arabic/Asian roots. It's hard together pictures of them, but I'll try in the days to come. A few pix from our visits today...


Our hotel

Haile Selassi's tomb

Archdeacon of St. George's cathedral, showing us the chanting done during their services

Beautiful baskets

Our trusty bus, in this year's "in" color...

Selassi's lion, with Margy (and Dave)

And the view from our hotel...

This is a trial post, to see if my software will work...we fly north tomorrow, and we'll have better photos to share. But apparently not Internet connection!
Till the next time we do...


  1. Thanks for sharing-I know how hard it is to manage all this while dealing with a new culture etc. Beautiful photos and I love that lion ;-)

  2. Glad you arrived safely. You look wonderful despite the jet lag. Have a wonderful visit.

  3. Very cool that you can blog, at least occasionally! Addis Ababa seems a very interesting mix of exotic, interesting, and not-so-pretty big city.

    You are styling! And I love your Tangerine Tango bus. ;)

    Thanks for keeping us posted when you have internet!