Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dorze Village! Crocodiles! Hippopotamuses!

BIG day today! We set out this morning in our trusty 4x4's to climb about 3000 ft.

Our wonderful driver, Midi
The Dorze are a tribe who are known for their bee-hive shaped houses

which are a tribute to the elephants who used to call this area home. The houses are built with a bamboo foundation overlaid with "false banana" (banana trees which do not bear fruit). They are two-story to begin with, but over the years, as the termites
eat the foundation, the houses become shorter and shorter; the doors are recut so the opening remains accessible.

The Dorze are also known for their weaving, which is done by men,

spinning, done by the women


and VERY spicy hot dip and VERY potent distilled corn liquor.

Margy negotiating for woven scarves

and victorious!

Draped in leopard skins, the young men did a traditional dance for us

as did the young children

Beautiful place, friendly people!

Location:Arba Minch, Ethiopia


  1. What a beautiful place indeed! Your photos & description of the people put a big smile on my face :)

  2. I love those beautiful scarves and textiles hanging in the breeze. How wonderful that you scored some goodies!!