Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baboons, Birds and Ibex, Oh My!

After a long, long drive, we arrived at the Simien Lodge in the Simien Mountains National Park, just at sunset.

A beautiful Eco-lodge at 10,500 feet, it is in the center of a wonderful national park.
Up front and center are the most fascinating inhabitants, the Gelada Baboons.

They live in large tribes of up to 800 with one alpha male. They spend their time grooming each other, which encourages bonding, and eating, grasses when they are available, and the roots when the grasses have died back. They have a complex social system and are hysterical to watch.

The flora in these high mountain valleys is beautiful...the Abyssian Wild Rose

St. John's Wort

Lobelia (?) which blooms, then dies,

Romex Nerviosa, which covers the hillsides with its vibrant red color.

We saw some Walya Ibex, which are magnificent

And the incredible mountains, gorges, striated rocks

We had a picnic and relaxed...

Fed a friendly Thick-Billed Raven

Then back to our lodge.

Location:Simien Mountains, Ethiopia


  1. Wow, what dramatic scenery. And exotic flora and fauna. I hope those gibbons aren't of the poop flinging variety. ;)

  2. Stunning! Desert environments can be SO magnificent, when you get up close and personal. What variety you're experiencing!