Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Crocodile and Hippopotamus Part...

After our morning Dorze Village visit, we took a little break for lunch at our hotel

which has a resident warthog, then off to Lake Chama for a boat ride. We were looking for crocodiles and hippopotamuses, and we found them!

The crocs, at least two dozen of them, sunning themselves on a spit of land, were incredible!

The largest was at least 20 feet long, and there were all sizes, down to babies.

They truly look like something out of a Japanese sci-fi movie...

Then the hippos, which were shyer...

There were several groups of them, sometimes 5 or 6 together.

What a great day!!!

Location:Arba Minch, Ethiopia


  1. Margy, thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures. I especially love the info about the beehive houses, which become squatter in age (like myself?) and the doors are recut. Congratulations on the scarf buying.

  2. I agree with Mary, what a concept! Imagine, rather than trying to fight the termites, just go with the flow!! That appeals to me. Most of these amazing pics of the fauna make me want to break into a round of "Hakuna Matata". :D