Monday, January 30, 2012

Southward Bound

We left Addis Ababa yesterday morning, driving in "luxury" in 4-person Land Cruisers WITH AC, entering the Rift Valley and stopping en route at two lakes.

Cattle and sheep grazing and wonderful birds...
Marabou Storks

African Fish Eagles (which look like Bald Eagles)

Sacred Ibis

And boys who caught catfish and tilapia to sell to the restaurants...

The Marabou Storks are called "the ugliest birds in Africa"; they are 5 feet tall, have a wing span of 10 feet, and are very funny to watch

Also pelicans

And washing of horses

And bodies

We stayed at a "vacation lodge" on the edge of Lake Langana

And took off in our 4x4's early the next morning.

Location:Arba Minch, Ethiopia


  1. Wow, those storks are very strange looking. I wouldn't call them ugly, though. :) I love them juxtaposed against those boats. More fascinating pictures!

  2. That "faux bald eagle" really caught my eye. What amazing wildlife you're seeing!